Summer Retreat – Volunteering in New Hamlet from June 26 to Aug 2, 2020

Dear Friends,

We are all the leaves of one tree. 
The time has come for all to live as one…

Let us cultivate harmony and joy together as we practice, work, learn, play, smile… and grow together on the noble path of practice. Will you join us as a volunteer for the Summer Opening Retreat in New Hamlet in 2020?

We are looking for volunteers (women and couples) who:

  • are experienced practitioners in Plum Village Tradition
  • can communicate with the Sisters and each other in English. It will be of extra help if you speak French, Dutch or German.
  • have attended at least one retreat in a Plum Village Practice Center worldwide
  • are in good physical and mental health
  • work harmoniously in a team
  • are responsible, diligent, and thorough
  • can come for the whole summer retreat (at least two weeks for friends who will help in children programme)

Serving as a volunteer can be a very rewarding and fulfilling experience. Volunteers will practice together with the sisters and friends in the community in mindfulness while offering joyful service, helping to foster harmony and well-being. Volunteers also receive reductions in the retreat cost.

In 2020 New Hamlet will offer German children programme in the third week (17 to 24 July) and Dutch children programme in the fourth week (24 to 31 July). We invite friends who can speak German or Dutch, have experience in taking care children to come and help us with the children programme.

We need many volunteers who can help us to translate from English and/or French to German and Dutch. Please come and support us.

Together with the sisters, you will help:

  • to support our retreatants’ practice with your energy of mindfulness, your joyful and peaceful presence.
  • in the preparation for the retreat and tidy up the hamlet after the retreat.
  • to guide a “family” that takes care of one area in the retreat, such as pot washing, cleaning, sanitizing, meditation halls, tea table, happy farm…
  • help in other areas such as translation, driving or the children program.

We encourage all volunteers to participate in the retreat as fully as possible. Depending on your responsibilities, you may miss some sessions or need to do extra work outside of the schedule.

Arrival and Departure dates:

  • The Summer Opening Retreat will be from 3 ~ 31 July.
  • We ask all volunteers to arrive on 26 June to settle in, meet the sisters, and to participate in this one week volunteers’ retreat before the Summer Retreat starts. During this week we will practice together in the orientation, dharma talk, dharma sharing, total relaxation and other Plum Village practices, so as to cultivate the energy of mindfulness, to build brotherhood and sisterhood and to dwell happily in the here and now. You will also have the opportunity to familiarize with responsibilities.
  • After the retreat, please stay with us until 2 August to help tidy up the hamlet and join the farewell gathering.
  • Volunteering for the German Children programme will be from 10 July to 24 July with the first week as preparation week.
  • Volunteering for the Dutch Children programme will be from 17 July to 2 August with the first week as preparation week.
  • If the children programme volunteers can come for the whole retreat, we will be very happy. We will invite you to help with other areas before these two dates and then join the children programme.

Lodging: Due to limited accommodation, volunteers will stay in tents (you may bring your own tents or rent a tent in New Hamlet).

How to apply:

  • Fill in the Volunteer Registration Form
  • And you will receive an email to show you the next step.

**Please note that submission of application does not guarantee acceptance. Please do not make any irrevocable or unchangeable travel arrangements before you receive confirmation of acceptance into the Volunteer Program.

To fill in the Form, please click here:  The Summer Opening Retreat

After you fill in the application form, please email us your photo.

For more information or other inquiries, please write to                                                                   

Thank you for your aspiration to help. May you be peaceful and safe.

A lotus to you,
New Hamlet Volunteer Team